Sheree Wen

Important Message from Sheree !!

I love the beautiful lake Washington and Medina’s green and healthy environment where I made my home. Like most residents, I want to preserve Medina’s nice natural character.

Since 2006, the Medina tree code has had many unsafe and onerous provisions. That tree code mandated paying tens of thousands of dollars and required, in some cases, planting 30 in replacement for removing a single tree on a private property. Trees threatening the safety of residents and their property were not exempt from these regulations.

Over the past two years, I have worked tirelessly with many Medina residents to advocate revisions to the Medina tree code. I have hosted events, sent flyers, wrote letters, attended and repeatedly spoke at Medina City Council meetings to encourage the city to revise the Medina tree code with the goal of making it more sensible and resident-friendly, less costly and less burdensome. Together with valued effort of residents and several city council members, I am happy that the Phase II tree code passed in July 2015 with major improvements. But there is more work to be done.

While addressing the benefit of trees for ecology, fresh air and natural characters which many of neighbors cherish, I am for an optimized, balanced and smart solution. I will continuously advocate to simplify the code and rules to be resident friendly, less burdensome and costly and to permit homeowners to manage the needs of their own property. I will also ensure the new code will comply with US and Washington State laws.

I promise you that I have no intention of clear cutting all trees in Medina, as some people accuse me of.  I am a gardener and I love nature and I will do my best, if elected to council, to make sure our city remains as beautiful, green, and safe as we know it.

I fell in love with Medina at first sight.  The  green, healthy environment , the charming parks,  the beautiful lake Washington and excellent schools so I made my home here. Like many other residents, I want to preserve Medina’s quiet, safe, and enjoyable healthy living.

Our beloved city has grown and prospered significantly in last two decades. Like you, kind people, brilliant minds and most respected leaders from across the country and around the globe have made Medina their home.

 It is time to allow Medina residents to shape our city. As a member of Medina City council, I will actively seek your input and together we can make Medina a better place.

It is because I care about our city and my neighbors that I have decided to run for Medina City Council.

 A city government that put Residents First, can truly make this special place even greater  -- one of the best places in the world to call home.


Please Join Sheree to make Medina ever more Neighborly......

Let's put Residents First

 Dr. Sheree Wen

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