Dr. Sheree Wen

Medina City Council  

UNESCO Heritage Site - Olympic National Park , Washington

About Sheree

Sheree earned her Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in engineering, physics and statistics, and went on to join IBM where she made vital contributions to the first high-speed mainframe computers. At IBM, she served in senior management and was responsible for corporate technical strategies, worldwide manufacturing, corporate quality and university grants.

After IBM, Sheree founded companies and established manufacturing facilities in the United States and countries in Asia. Her companies developed, manufactured and distributed pace-setting electronics products worldwide with brands including IBM, AT&T, Unisys and Wen. Her companies have supplied Made-in-the-USA products to Federal agencies, sold through commercial outlets such as Walmart, Sam’s clubs as well as various distributors worldwide. Her companies have received numerous awards and performed multiple Federal and local Governmental contract. Boeing and NASA awarded Sheree’s quality products 5 out of 5. These companies won many awards and multiple government contracts.

Sheree is passionate about serving others. Locally, nationally and internationally, her commitment to community service spans decades. She has served or is currently serving on many nonprofit boards to care for the environment; parks; art, culture and heritage; health and medicine; children; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; victims of domestic violence; and natural disasters.

Internationally, she served as the United States National Commissioner to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO), and was the founder and president of UNESCO Washington State. One of UNESCO’s top priorities is to minimize casualties in natural disasters. Sheree is dedicated to bringing that expertise – the emergency management platform, innovations, tools and global experience – to Washington state. Sheree also chairs many international humanitarian technology conferences.

Here in Washington, Sheree currently serves as a Washington State Arts Commissioner, is chair of the Computer Society with The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) of Seattle and vice chair of the communications policy committee of IEEE-USA. Sheree serves as a member of the boards of the United States/International Committee on Monuments and Sites, the University of Washington Library, the Seattle International Film Festival and the Puget Sound Region Economic Development Board.

Nominated by international scientific leaders, Sheree was honored with a gold medal and the Young Scientist of the Year for American Institute of Materials and Petroleum Engineers, AIME. Sheree was featured as top women entrepreneur by the New York Times, and as 20th century Asian Women by Japan Asahi News. She was presented with the award of “Excellence” by U.S. Small Business Administration. She has more than two dozen patents and published many research papers.  


Sheree has remained committed to improving the quality of life and serving communities locally, nationally, and internationally.

Some of her leadership work:

  • Member of the City Council, Medina, WA
  • President, the UNESCO Washington State Center
  • Chair, UNESCO International Center for Women Artist 
  • Chairperson, The Computer Society, IEEE Seattle
  • Chair, IEEE Government Relations, Western Region
  • Vice-Chair, Communication Policy Committee, IEEE-USA
  • Chair, Cybersecurity Committee, IEEE-USA

Current Board Committees and Commission Memberships:

  • United States Committee on International Council on Monuments and Sites, US/ICOMOS
  • Washington State, Governor Inslee’s Art Commission
  • Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)
  • The University of Washington Library
  • Columbia Tower Club
  • PSRC Economic Development Board
  • Washington State Emergency Communication working group
  • Public Policy Committee, Sound City Association

Past Board and Advisory Council membership:

  • United States National Commissioner to UNESCO
  • Chair of IEEE Global Humanitarian Partnership
  • Chair of IEEE Women in Engineering, West Coast
  • Chair of IEEE greater Seattle area
  • Founders and Board Chair of Great Minds 2 Young Minds Foundation

Past Board Membership:

King County Emergency Management Board

Pacific Northwest Ballet, Washington First Robotics, ACT Theater

Cardinal McCluskey Services Board, My Sister's Place Board, White Plains Performing Art Center, City of Yonkers Special Education Board and the Westchester County Economic Development Board. 

Past Advisory Councils:

Pacific Science Center,  NY Hall of Science, Downtown Music,  Westchester Children's Association.




IEEE Committee members met with US Senator Maria Cantwell in her Washington DC. office. 

My vocation and

true passion is

to create a better community locally

 and a better world

Please join Sheree to make Medina even more neighborly......


Sheree with UNESCO

  Director General,

  the honorable Irina Bokova

Sheree with Executive Director

Maria Imperial in front of the foyer of the

 Dr. Sheree Wen Sister's Village

A resource for job training education, food, and clothing for the YWCA White Plains and Central Westchester's residence facility for 200 low income and homeless women.




Dr. Sheree Wen was the Chair of the US/ICOMOS Inaugural Symposium & Soirée to Celebrate and Protect United States World Heritage Sites, National Monuments and National Parks.

This event was to advocate preserving the beauty, prestine, and invaluable national treasures  and preventing selling, leasing and commercializing the public lands inside the National Monuments, Heritage site, and National Parks.  We support limiting special interest groups to conduct nuclear mining,  oils and gas drilling on public land.

Distinquished Panel

Jonathan Jarvis, Executive Director, Institute for Parks, People and Biodiversity, UC Berkeley. Former Director of the National Park Service.

Tom Cassidy, VP at National Trust for Historic Preservation and former Director of
Federal Land Programs at The Nature Conservancy.
Nikki Buffa,  Former Deputy
Director of Cabinet Affairs at the White House; and former Member of the White
House Council on Environmental Quality.
John Leshy, Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School; former Solicitor of the
Department of the Interior, Award for lifetime contributions to wildlife conservation.
November 15, 2018, at San Francisco