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                                   Putting Residents first Survey 

Our beloved city has grown and prospered significantly over the last two decades.  Kind people, brilliant minds and some of the most-respected leaders from across the country and around the globe call Medina home.

 I would appreciate learning your perspective on numerous topics. 

I want to hear from you. Let’s joint hand to formulate Medina ‘s strategy to shape our own future….


This is an example of how we  can effectively take input  directly from residents.

Initial results for most popular questions include

  1. What do you value most about living in Medina?

           Top 3 valued most

  •   Quiet and safe community : 100% strongly and somewhat agree; 
  •   Location : 94.12% strongly agree, 2.94% somewhat agree; 
  •   Parks : 85.3% strongly and somewhat agree;

       2. What issues are most important to you

        Top 3 voted choice

  • Complex and burdernsome codes, costly fees  and extensive monitoring of residents' property:    79.17%  
  • Medina Tree code:  75%
  • City decisions to adequately consider Public Hearing Examiner rulings and input from residents  63.3%

       3 The Washington State Small City Sidewalk Grant provides funding for sidewalk projects that improve safety, handicap accessibility and connectivity.  This grant has potential for Medina to eliminate hazards of entangled power-lines in trees by simply burying them underground. This would help to eliminate power outages and transform our sidewalks into safer beautiful green and healthy streets accessible for walking, jogging, parents with strollers and easier navigation for those with disabilities.  Should Medina explore and establish plans for implementation?.

        97.13% strongly agree and somewhat agree with this program.

Thank you for taking time to complete the survey, which has in-depth questions 
related to your well-being.

Please go to following URL for taking  the Putting Residents First survey


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